Fundamental Needs Lab

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Research for Equity: Advocating for the Economically Disadvantaged
The Fundamental Needs Lab focuses on deepening our understanding of social attitudes towards individuals enduring deep poverty, particularly those who lack food and shelter, as well as the behaviors and perspectives of those experiencing it. The lab is committed to bridging the gap between the views of those with plenty and those with plenty of need. It aims to do this primarily by documenting and mitigating individual biases and discrimination against the impoverished, paying attention to the way that poverty intersects with race and gender. Furthermore, the lab advocates for the representation of individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in academia, improving how they are portrayed in research and boosting their inclusion as students and faculty.
In line with this, and as part of our commitment to promoting equity, we actively incorporate first-generation students and scholars into our research team. We believe that by diversifying our perspectives and experiences, we can better understand the complex challenges facing individuals from poorer backgrounds and develop more effective solutions. Our lab is committed to promoting collaboration and community building, and we will work closely with scholars, policymakers, and community organizations to translate our research findings into actionable policies and programs.